Ron Thompson Gangster Carp Series Fishing Rods

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Value for Money Mixed Carbon Carp Fishing Rods which offer a Crisp Action with Plenty of Power & Quality Fittings

Ron Thompson Gangster Carp Series Fishing Rods

The Gangster carp rods are built to give you the best value for money, mixed Carbon rods on the Market. The Gangster carp rods offer you a crisp action with plenty of power and quality fittings, in a versatile range of size options from a 9ft stalking rod to full size 13ft models, and even Spod and Marker rod options. Models in 2pc and 3pc as indicated in description, with a 13ft Telscopic model for maximum portability.



  • Mixed carbon blank material
  • Quality reel seat
  • Shrink tube rear Handle
  • 50mm starting guide on all 12ft and 13ft models
53986 2.70m 3.00lbs 2sec 9’ 270cm 3.00lbs 2 138cm 224g
53987 3.00m 3.00lbs 2sec 10’ 300cm 3.00lbs 2 152cm 287g
53988 3.60m 3.00lbs 2sec 12’ 360cm 3.00lbs 2 184cm 401g
53989 3.60m 3.50lbs 2sec 12’ 360cm 3.50lbs 2 184cm 410g
53990 3.90m 3.50lbs 2sec 13’ 390cm 3.50lbs 2 199cm 523g
53993 3.90m 3.50lbs Tele 13’ 390cm 3.50lbs Tele 6sec 115cm 430g
53994 3.60m 3.00lbs 3sec 12’ 360cm 3.00lbs 3 125cm 345g
53995 3.60m 3.50lbs 3sec 12’ 360cm 3.50lbs 3 125cm 381g
53996 3.90m 4.00lbs 3sec 13’ 390cm 4.00lbs 3 136cm 503g
53991 Marker 3.60m 3.50lbs 2sec 12’ 360cm Marker 3.50lbs 2 184cm 415g
53992 Spod 3.60m 4.00lbs 2sec 12’ 360cm Spod  4.00lbs  184cm  458g 
Artikelnummer A-53988-CP
Tillverkare Ron Thompson
Material Carbon
Series Gangster Carp
Kundtyp Carp