Prologic Hoox XC7 Series Fishing Hooks - 10pcs

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A Hook with Medium Length Shank & made of CC83 High grade Japanese Carbon-steel Wire

Prologic Hoox XC7 Series Fishing Hooks - 10pcs

New introduction to our range, this very unique shape of hook came from the experience of our UK consultant Rik Johnson who have revised and improved his all-time favourite pattern the XC4 from our previous range. At first they look almost the same but the new XC7 features very small changes which makes a huge difference on the mechanics of the hook. The hook shank has been slightly shortened which aids strength and the eye is now down turned by 3 degrees which dramatically increases the rotation/flip speed. A great pattern which is very versatile for a multitude of different presentations. The perfect hook hold and increased hook-ups to the bottom jaw will increase dramatically.

  • CC83 High grade Japanese carbon-steel wire
  • Straight point
  • 3 degree down turned eye
  • Medium length shank


Hoox XC7 Features

49609 PL Hoox XC7 #1 10
49610 PL Hoox XC7 #2 10
49611 PL Hoox XC7 #4 10
49612 PL Hoox XC7 #6 10
49613 PL Hoox XC7 #8 10
49614 PL Hoox XC7 #10 10
49615 PL Hoox XC7 Barbless #4 10
49616 PL Hoox XC7 Barbless #6 10
49617 PL Hoox XC7 Barbless #8 10
49618 PL Hoox XC7 Barbless #10 10
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