Prologic Hoox XC5 Series Fishing Hooks - 10pcs

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Ultra Strong Hook, in Turned Point, Wide Gape & Short Shank with Down Turned Eye

Prologic Hoox XC5 Series Fishing Hooks - 10pcs

Very often beginners carp thorns try to save on hooks, looking for their first sessions of hooks cheaper. However, this is a completely wrong approach. Cheap hooks can not combine the three main characteristics - lightness, strength and sharpness. However, expensive, too, not always. Prologic offers the most optimal price / quality ratio. In this case, the three main properties are clearly expressed simultaneously. That's why the hooks of this TM enjoy an enviable popularity.

The XC5 model is no exception. In form, it resembles the XC1 model, with the only difference being that the forearm is even more arched, as a result of which the sting is turned to the ear. This design significantly increases the chances of effective sweeping, but makes the hook less versatile. Ultra strong hook, in turned point, wide gape and short shank with down turned eye. Perfect for any kind of bottom or balanced presentation, especially when fishing extreme situation like snag fishing or long range fishing with small baits, the XC5 provide an excellent hook up.


The model is perfect for professionals who are able to use all the advantages of high-class tackle. Hooks are made at the facilities of Japanese factories made of carbon steel wire. It is thanks to this material that the manufacturer managed to combine strength and lightness in one product. To give hooks the utmost sharpness, the products undergo chemical grinding. In addition to all of the above, it remains to add that the hooks do not glare at all in the water column, since they are covered with matte spraying. The products are supplied in a rigid plastic box, with EVA foam inside. Each hook is fixed in a box individually.

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