Okuma Carbonite 2M-35FD Match Spinning Reel

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Top Quality Spinning Reel with Quick-set Anti-reverse Bearing & Corrosion Resistant Graphite Body

Okuma Carbonite 2M-35FD Match Spinning Reel

Designed for use across the match fishing discipline, the Okuma Carbonite 2M 35FD is one of a number of reels in Okuma’s Carbonite range. This reel boasts a number of impressive features, not least of which is the reels stunning cosmetics. With a classic black body, this reel looks great sat on any match rod. The polished gold spool adds a classy twist to the reel and makes it stand out for all the right reasons.

Like many of Okuma’s top quality reels, the Carbonite 2M 35FD features precision machined elliptical gears. This is a style of gearing that’s most commonly seen in the cycling industry, as it allows competitive cyclists the ability to change gears quicker and easier compared to standard circular gears. On a fishing reel, the elliptical shape ensures that power is maximised throughout the rotation of the gears, spreading the pressure exertion evenly around the gears rather than concentrating at the top of the gearing on the strong downward stroke. These gears have been precision engineered, too, ensuring a perfect gear mesh every time. This allows you to tackle the more aggressive fish on the match fishing circuit with confidence.

Another feature that lets you tackle the harder fighting of the match fishing fish is the Carbonite’s quick-set anti-reverse bearing. This ensures that you are able to get positive hook sets more regularly – resulting in more weight in your net at the end of the day. The reel is supplied with a shallow spool as standard. Although shallow, this spool ensures you can load up, without overfilling, with as much line as you need to tackle most of the UK’s match venues, whilst at the same time minimising the additional weight on the spool and achieving perfect line lay. All too often match spools aim for the big pit capacity of traditional carp reels, which simply isn’t needed. This shallower spool enables you to better balance your reel on your match rod whilst still letting you fish all the features you require.


  • Quick-set anti-reverse bearing
  • Corrosion resistant graphite body
  • Precision elliptical gearing system
  • Regular double handle
  • Shallow Aluminum spool
  • Durable stainless steel bail wire
  • RESII: Computer-balanced Rotor Equalizing System
  • Regular graphite spare spool
  • 2 ball bearing drive system for smoothness
43931 35 FD 6.0kg 2+1 5.0:1 / 71cm 100m 0.18mm 320g
Artikelnummer A-43931
Tillverkare Okuma
Produkttyp Reels
Reels Ball Bearings 2+1
Reels Gear Ratio 5.0:1
Reels Line Capacity 100m/0.18mm
Reels Series Carbonite
Reels Type SaltWater/Spinning
Reels Drag Type Front Drag