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Mepps XD Platinum Series Spinner Baits

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The More "Interesting" Spinner Baits than the Standard Mepps XD Lures

Mepps XD Platinum Series Spinner Baits

The Mepps XD, in a just a few short years, has become the standard for comparison for fishermen who prefer spinners that run extra deep. Part of its success is due to Mepps quality, but fishermen are also finding out the XD catches a lot more fish.
Mepps' unique body construction includes a fluorescent bead which gives the fisherman a major advantage. Fish not only see the spinner from the front, but from the side and rear as well. Mepps Color Technology has proven lure colors do not look the same in the water as they do out of the water. What you see in your hand is not what the fish sees.
Whether you choose to fish with treble or single hook, plain or dressed XD's is a personal preference. Be sure to select single hook XD's if single hooks are required by law in the water you are fishing. Always keep in mind, lure size is important. The rule of thumb is use smaller lures to catch smaller fish and larger lures to catch larger fish.

The Mepps XD Platinum is a dimensional copy of Mepps XD. The baits are absolutely identical in size and principle of operation. But the color of the core and the petals are fundamentally different. Instead of standard colors "gold" and "silver" in spoons Mepps XD Platinum the color palette became more interesting. There were colors: "black / black", black core and black petal with green dots and the inscription "Mepps"; "Gold / green" - green core and golden petal; "Silver / red" - bright red core and silver petal. We also need to understand that the color of the spoon-bait that we see and the color that the fish sees are different. This is due to two reasons. The first is that the water is slightly different in color waves. The second is the unique composition and special technology of applying paint to the surface of the spinner. The next color technique, which the Mepps XD Platinum bait can boast, is the presence of a fluorescent ball. Thanks to the design of the "turntable", this ball is visible from all sides. His "glow" lure fish and provokes an attack.

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