Mepps Syclops "S" De Mer Series Spinner Baits

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A Heavier Modification of Mepps Syclops with Ten Facets of Light Reflection

Mepps Syclops "S" De Mer Series Spinner Baits

A series of heavy lures for sea or deep-sea fishing is the further development of the SYCLOPS model. Also has ten facets of light reflection. Its movement very accurately simulates a live fish - an ideal potential victim of a predator. Constancy of the game is guaranteed at any rate of posting. This characteristic feature facilitates fast coverage of large areas of standing waters (pike, pike perch, perch), and provides a convenient catch on the current (salmon, trout, trout). The bait moves with alternating wave-forming movements, vibrations and lateral rocking, like a real fish. Thanks to the double bend of the spoon, the characteristic movements can be maintained at any speed. This characteristic allows you to quickly overcome distances in both calm water and fast flow.

"S" De Mer is in fact a heavier modification of Mepps Syclops. Unlike other spoon-baits of the same type - compact and heavy, for long casting, losing the quality of play at low and medium speeds, the Mepps S De Mer, by its mobility, is not inferior to the best samples of modern oscillators. This baubles has ten retro-reflective facets, enhancing the eye-catching visual effect during movement. Hooking of the hook on the fishing line when cast is prevented by shifting the center of gravity of the spoon-bait into the tail section. This bait is distinguished by the possibility of long and precise casting, stable game and successful catching at great depth and a strong stream of water. The spoon is suitable for both spinning and trolling.

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