Mepps Special Maquereau Series Spinner Baits

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Mepps Special Maquereau Series Spinner Baits

Can be carried out at any depth from the bottom to the very boundary of the water. Any Mepps bait is a bait that precisely fluctuates at a given frequency, which makes it indistinguishable from live fish. One of the factors of catchability of Mepps spoonbots is directly an alloy of spoon-bait. Although the newest equipment makes it possible to determine the composition of anything, it can not disclose all the nuances of the technology for obtaining it. For many, trying to copy the bait Mepps, the main obstacle are the subtleties and high cost of the process itself. One can be sure that Mepps will continue to be at the forefront of the producers of fishing lures for a long time.

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