Mepps Serie 102 Sardine Martelle Series Spinner Baits

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Spinner Bait that allows you to Catch very Large Fish

Mepps Serie 102 Sardine Martelle Series Spinner Baits

Allows you to catch very large fish. Although many dimensional predators, such as salmon, catfish, pike, and grouper, can be caught on medium and even very small baits, all the same it is much more convenient to fish large bait for large bait. Serious fish with much less desire to spend energy on a small sacrifice, so a large spinner is much better provokes an attack of solid predators. In addition, heavy fish is much more reliably retained by powerful hooks of large size. Bright flashes of brilliant details of the spoon-bait spur the predator's curiosity, forcing him to leave the shelter and intercept the prey. Woolen brush edges of tees serve to increase the volume of bait, without reducing flexibility and without increasing weight.

Artikelnummer A-529649-CP
Tillverkare Mepps