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  • Mepps Giant Marabou Series Spinner Baits
  • Mepps Giant Marabou Series Spinner Baits
  • Mepps Giant Marabou Series Spinner Baits

Mepps Giant Marabou Series Spinner Baits

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Spinner Lure with Wide Colorado Blade that's make it close to the Surface during the Retrieve

Mepps Giant Marabou Series Spinner Baits

The Giant Marabou was before all developed for the fishing of the wels, a fish that is always aware of everything occuring in it surrounding. Very inquisitive but extremely cautious, it does not show an equal aggressiveness with other predatory species’. Its utmost achieved hearing system makes it possible the amplification of all vibrations it catches. That’s why it enforces spinning fishermen to select lures in absolute accordance with its own triggering signals.

That’s the base line of the Giant Marabou Concept: 

  • Its short and wide Colorado blade assumes an easy spinning and beating action underwater devoid of overpulling back effect, which allows the fisherman to work his lure actively without painful weariness of his arm at length – a cruicial advantage when one has to constantly rake long shallow shorelines where the wels come up and chase. 
  • The Marabu feathers that dress the rear tandem show the brightest colours to bring underwater attractive tinges that will add to the blade flashes. 
  • The fluffy puffing in and out at the slightest pull and go shows off a lively mass as a big mouthful that the predator in ambush can gulp down. Two 5/0 and 3/0, X-strong and X-sharp treble hooks are hidden in this mass. 
  • The sound effect assumed by the rear masselote dressed with Marabu, free sliding on the axle and coming up to knock soundly into the fore hook and down into the rear one with every irregular reeling up of the line. 
  • For deep holes or strong currents split shot can be placed on the line and toward the back of the wire shaft.
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