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  • Mepps Aglia Streamepps Series Spinner Baits - Silver
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Mepps Aglia Streamepps Series Spinner Baits

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58,72 Kr


For Ultra-light Spinning for Trout & Shad. Casts Perfectly on a Fly Rod

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58,72 Kr

Mepps Aglia Streamepps Series Spinner Baits

Intersection of Artificial Spinning Muddle, the Mepps's coolest design, at the same time a rather complicated design. Mikrostreamerek tied on the hook # 8, with a metal trunk, with mallard flank wings and a red tail of the antron, a black head with a white eye. Fly agitated to a flexible axle with a two-blade pallet - in three colors: silver, gold and fly-brown. One size, one weight : Size 00 - 0.9g. For ultralight spinning - 0.12 string, no swivel or aggressive. Short, measured projections and here in the sphere of interest spinningist appears a rider, a rudder, and on the side straps in the Christmas tree and pier from the harbor authentic Baltic herring. One of the few sprays regularly taken by grayling, especially in the brown version. In salmon waters, even during extreme heat, it is possible to lure from the cavity of a hot trout infected with heat. Just like the claws on the small and clear clear streams.

The producer even suggests using Streamepps to fly and run them like a streamer. Well, surely a spear of such weight will continue to fly with a fly, than even the most delicate spinning.

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Produkttyp Fishing
Artikelnummer A-529115-CP
Tillverkare Mepps