ESBIT water kettle 1,4 Liter

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285,93 Kr
If you are not out and about on your own, we recommend you go for the large water kettle.

Although weighing just about 174 g, it has an adequate capacity of around 1.4L. The material: extremely light, hard anodized aluminum. Lid and water kettle come with a hinged grip.

WK1400HA at a glance:
- Made of extremely light, hard anodized aluminum
- Folding handle

WK1400HA Dimensions and weight:
Size packed: ~ H 100 x ? 150 mm
Weight: ~ 174 g
Volume: ~ 1,4 L

The idea behind WK1400HA
Very soon after the appearance of the little water kettle, people began calling for a larger model. The design of the larger version was soon decided, after the many positive responses to its smaller predecessor. Thanks to its large capacity, this water kettle is particularly attractive for those people who are not traveling alone or who simply need more water. A spout that pours well plus safe handling thanks to the handles on the boiler and on the lid, which remain stable vertically and won't fall onto the hot kettle even when it's being used are other important characteristics which practically go without saying for us.
Artikelnummer TT-20333
Tillverkare Esbit