ESBIT steel coffee maker 200 ml

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This shapely, stainless steel coffee maker for being out and about has a breeze of nostalgia. It is a beautiful and practical tool for coffee aficionados, making coffee into a ritual.

It's small, lightweight and so extremely practical, promising unadulterated coffee enjoyment. It has a superfine coffee filter. It is powered by 2 x 4g Esbit solid fuel tablets. The supplied stand, made of black painted steel, can be stowed inside the body.

201 024 00 at a glance:
- For about 200 ml of coffee or hot water
- Simply unique
- Body made of high-quality stainless steel
- Fine coffee filter
- Small pack size (stand can be stowed in the body)
- With convenient meshbag
- NEW: Improved stand

Dimensions and weight:
Size packed: ~ B 108 x H 110 mm
Weight: ~ 300 g
Volume: ~ 200 ml

The idea behind 201 024 00
We owe this item at least partly to the enthusiasm of our Esbit customers for the historic Esbit Coffee Maker. The totally positive response of some of our customers to a photo of the vintage model prompted us to reissue the coffee maker – but in a contemporary form, of course. An important challenge for the new design was that it should be possible to store the stand inside the body. The stand has now been given new feet too, so that it is much more stable.

Artikelnummer TT-20328
Tillverkare Esbit