ESBIT cookware set 2,5 L pot pan board

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Lightweight and stable – no question, the extremely light, inside multi-layer non-stick coated cookware made of hard anodized aluminum offers everything the ambitious open-air chef would expect.

It consists of 2 pots (about 2L and 2.5L) and a pan (? about 18.5 cm). The pots have a capacity indicator in litre and oz, the pan comes with a twisted off bottom. Supplied with pot cloths and 2 cutting boards, gripper plus a practical mesh bag.

CW2500NS at a glance:
- Made of extremely light, hard anodised aluminum
- Pots with multilayer non-stick coating
- Pan with twisted off bottom and multilayer non-stick coating
- Large pots (about 2 + 2.5L) with detailed litre / oz scaling2 cutting boards, gripper and pot cloth included
- Set can be stacked into each other
- Lid fits on both pots and the pan
- With convenient meshbag
- BPA-free

CW2500NS Dimensions and weight:
Size packed: ~ H 117 x ? 202 mm
Weight: ~ 760 g
Volume: ~ 2L, 2,5L
Pan diameter: ~ 185 mm

The idea behind CW2500NS
In developing this pot set, as with any other new development, we had one requirement very clearly in our sights: We wanted to offer a real benefit. Because we weren't going to be satisfied with a set of pots that just looks good. That's why we added two cutting boards, a pot cloth and a high-quality gripper to the set. The pot cloth is not only useful for supporting full pots with hot contents with one hand – it can also be used for wrapping up the gripper after cooking to prevent annoying rattling as it's being carried.
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