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  • DAM Effzett UV Headlight

DAM Effzett UV Headlight

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UV Headlamp for Modern Lure Fishing

DAM Effzett UV Headlight

The EFFZETT UV Headlight is an absolutely super usefull product that is perfectly suitable to modern lure fishing. There reason why this headlight is particularly suited to modern lure fishing such as the integrated UV light function. This function allows the angler to have an immediate overview on which lure is UV active and which not on all his hard and softlures that he has in his box. This means no extra Uv light is needed and one click switches normal light into UV light. Every light the angler needs to fish during the night he finds from now on his head with the Effzett UV Headlight.

Artikelnummer A-52649
Tillverkare DAM
Produkttyp Lights & Torches