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  • DAM Effzett Nova Spin Series Spinning Rods
  • DAM Effzett Nova Spin Series Spinning Rods
  • DAM Effzett Nova Spin Series Spinning Rods
  • DAM Effzett Nova Spin Series Spinning Rods

DAM Effzett Nova Spin Series Spinning Rods

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526,58 Kr


High Performance Spinning Rod without a Hefty Price Tag, Perfect Choice for Anglers of All Levels

DAM Effzett Nova Spin Series Spinning Rods

The EFFZETT® Nova Spin rod series is designed by modern lure fishermen, for modern lure fishermen. The exclusive design starts with the cross carbon structure of the butt section, gunsmoke metal detailing and black K-frame guides. The Nova Spin series is more than just a looker, and the x-fast TC24 carbon really brings rod performance to life and are perfectly suited to modern predator fishing. The Nova Spin is the perfect choice for anglers of all levels; whether you’re a beginner or even a seasoned specialist who is looking for a high performance rod without a hefty price tag.



  • High quality TC24 carbon blank
  • K-Frame guides with black finishing
  • High quality cork handle
  • Fore and rear grip made from EVA material
  • X-fast action
52740 NOVA SPIN 1.65M 1-8G 1,65m 86cm 2 Section 1-8g 89g 5+1
52741 NOVA SPIN 1.80M 5-15G 1,80m 94cm Section 5-15g 99g 6+1
52742 NOVA SPIN 1.80M 7-21G 1,80m 94cm Section 7-21g 102g 6+1
52743 NOVA SPIN 1.98M 7-21G 1.98m 103cm Section 7-21g 124g 6+1
52744 NOVA SPIN 1.98M 12-42G 1.98m 103cm Section 12-42g 129g 6+1
52745 NOVA SPIN 2.10M 7-28G 2.10m 109cm Section 7-28g 135g 6+1
52746 NOVA SPIN 2.10M 12-42G 2.10m 109cm Section 12-42g 141g 6+1
52747 NOVA SPIN 2.10M 15-53G 2.10m 109cm Section 15-53g 145g 6+1
52748 NOVA SPIN 2.28M 7-28G 2.28m 118cm Section 7-28g 147g 7+1
52749 NOVA SPIN 2.28M 12-42G 2.28m 118cm Section 12-42g 155g 7+1
52750 NOVA SPIN 2.28M 15-53G 2.28m 118cm Section 15-53g 160g 7+1
52751 NOVA SPIN 2.40M 7-28G 2.40m 124cm Section 7-28g 160g 8+1
52752 NOVA SPIN 2.40M 15-53G 2.40m 124cm Section 15-53g 176g 8+1
52753 NOVA SPIN 2.70M 7-21G 2.70m 139cm Section 7-21g 193g 9+1
52754 NOVA SPIN 2.70M 7-28G 2.70m 139cm Section 7-28g 205g 9+1
52755 NOVA SPIN 2.70M 15-53G 2.70m 139cm Section 15-53g 210g 9+1
52756 NOVA SPIN 2.70M 20-80G 2.70m 139cm Section 20-80g 232g 9+1
Artikelnummer A-52743-CP
Tillverkare DAM
Material 24T Carbon
Series Nova Spin
Kundtyp Spinning